ABC = Fn (A, B)

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Your Adventure Biking Capability (ABC) is a function of your Ability (A) & the Bike (B) you ride.

ABC = Fn (A, B)

Accordingly, you can improve your ABC by either..

  1. Increasing Your Ability – picking up new skills, practicing the skills & thus building experience (muscle memory) in using the skills
  2. Using a Better Bike – a more purpose built bike, or adding any of the large number of accessories that will incrementally improve your bike – custom foot pegs, tires, etc.

The latter is the easy option – requires less effort & no practice. You just have to buy into the marketing stories of the product. I’m not saying they will not help at all. It does, incrementally.

Increasing your ability on the other hand involves learning, practicing & sweating it out building the muscle memory. But the impact this has on your ABC is multifold higher (3x – 5x). Also, ability is easily transferable to any bike you ride.

For most people, increasing our abilities should be the default strategy to improving our Adventure Riding Capability. Our investment of effort & resources will yield better overall results wrt to us becoming better riders.┬áThat’s exactly what I’m seen doing in the picture above with @bret.tkacs & @topgunindia.

Happiness Is Not Skin-Deep

Happiness is associated with Bhutan quite widely today, thanks to their king of past – Jigme Singye Wangchuck. He is credited with shaping up the concept of gross national happiness. Now, everyone going to Bhutan expects to find a nation full of happy faces, jolly people serving happiness to visitors & no struggles. But I found something else.


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Floral Patch On Weekend Ride

Over a 300+ kms ride last weekend, there was a patch of 500m that made the entire ride completely worth it. There was a line of trees in bloom. It was colorful. Provided respite from the 37C temperature. And made for a once in a season pitstop.
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The Tiger Diaries

The Tiger is the first motorbike I’ve ever owned. Even though it has materialized rather late, it represents my preference for the outdoors and a recent penchant for capturing life around us through glasses – photography.

Since coming into my life, The Tiger has been the source of multiple highlight moments. New vistas discovered (& captured), new friendships made, surrounding areas explored like never before – it’s been a perspective expanding experience. And I’m just getting started.