Deploy Your Creative Mindset

When you deploy your creative mindset, anything around you can become a thing to behold. Lisa del Giocondo becoming Mona Lisa is an extreme example. While climbing up to Tiger’s Nest, I noticed an ordinary bush with small leaves .. that looked extraordinary against the warm sun & blue sky.

My Art

Does the output need to be in the form of something like art or photography? Absolutely not.

Thinking of the day ahead of me, I can think of applying creativity to the way I interact with people I have been working with for years. I can do with a dash of creativity to handle an issue I am faced with. The consumers of the content that goes out of my organization will welcome creativity in otherwise boring corporate communications. Maybe I can even inspire someone to use their creative mindset more often. The “cat & dog fight” routine my kids regularly engage inĀ  .. I can do with some creativity in breaking those.

Ordinary Bush

But like any inherent strength, creativity needs to be cultivated. Not everyone is of the “creative sorts”. For most of us, developing a creative mindset is a matter of consciously honing the trait. Consciously using it. Deploying it regularly. Getting comfortable with the fear that comes along with creating anything new. Making a habit of leveraging creativity to our advantage. And only then, it becomes a part of our personal & professional arsenal to be deployed whenever we need it.

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