Life is a Balance

It was the first day of the year & decade. Having spent the day with the extended family, we had just finished a sumptuous Rajasthani dinner & started heading home. Just as we started, we came across a bunch of villas that got us all wishing, drooling & “hmmmmming. The plush serene looking bougainvillea adorned villas were inspirational & good enough to be my “strive for” goal of the year (or maybe the decade). I was charged up & was eager to get to the next stage of the game.

Driving further, we stopped at a traffic signal. We were surprised to find a street hawker knocking at our windows beckoning us to buy her cartoon shaped balloons. It was almost 11:30 pm & a cold foggy night . And here was a young girl (all of 10-12 years old) begging us to buy her wares so that she & her family (an elder woman carrying an infant who were trailing behind) could have dinner that night. The scene had a sobering effect.
Go after more & better, or be happy with what I have?
Maybe, it doesn’t have to be a this or that? Maybe, it ought to be a this AND that. It is the BALANCE.
Future AND Present.
Self AND Surroundings.
Work AND Life.
Passions AND Making a Living.

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  1. i just re-watched 'the blue umbrella' a coupla days ago, and it is still on my mind. reading this post in that context, i can't help thinking of the complexities of desire and the human experience.

    interesting snippets…i'll keep coming back!

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