My First Photo Walk

Wikipedia defines photo walking as the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting. Saturday morning witnessed my first photo walk.

A couple of mates & I planned to capture the blooming relishes of Bengaluru city (still feels odd to deviate from Bangalore). But we ended up capturing a lot more. I was also pleasantly surprised by the good time I had over this boys outing.

  • Firstly, the early morning walk is much healthier than the usual beer sessions that we resort to for boys bonding.
  • I learned a lot about photography from my mates.
  • You read it in photography sites & books – clicking is the best way to learn. I got to practice quite a few things that I have been reading about.
  • Once in a while its also good to get a feel for how your photography is progressing. For me, crisp clear pictures are still a struggle, composition techniques are a conscious effort yet, need to start experimenting with RAW format & post processing might be something to play around with.
  • Lastly, the photo walk was a good lead into what turned out to be a great weekend.

Looking forward to planning my next photo walk.


IMG_1608 Based on inputs from My Sunny Balcony’s Sriram Aravamudan, these pink flowers must be Burmese Cassia (Cassia Renigera). I have started to look forward to Feb-Mar every year just for these beauties.





IMG_1748 A red dragon fly – definitely a first for me!


IMG_1786-1 To do justice to this dude’s elegance, much more powerful glasses are needed.

IMG_1806 Navin Gundurao & Ramkumar – my mates on the walk. Check out more snaps from Ramkumar’s iPhone here.

IMG_1809 This photogenic creature was ever so cooperative in posing for us. She almost got gobbled by the 3 lenses.

IMG_1826This dude believes there is no gain without any pain. Just to prove the point, he made it to the pits. Watch this space to catch a glimpse of his camera work.

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