Tata – Just Did It – Nano

Launching of the Nano is indeed an event to be written about. There have been all kinds of reactions. Here are a few of mine –

  • Hats off to the power of vision – everything is built twice, once in the mind & only then physically. When Ratan Tata shared his vision of a $2,500 car, there were quite a few guffaws. He must be a proud man today. And has made many an Indian proud.
  • Innovation is going global. A vehicle that can manage 20 kmpl can bring in changes in quite a few places.
  • Can’t imagine the already crowded Indian urban roads getting a dose of these buggies. The Tata group has always been known to take their social responsibility seriously. Wonder with what they will balance this out!

The unvieling of the Nano & the flag off of the Force India F1 team happening on the same day was a double whammy of sorts. Definetely is a show case of the mood here in India.

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