10 Questions That Questioned Us Into A 100km Walk

  1. Normal & more of the same, or scary, new and exciting?
  2. Are we doing / giving enough to a bigger cause?
  3. Is it ever too late to get healthier? 
  4. Why not surprise a few people with our choice?
  5. When is the last time we did something for the first time in our lives?
  6. Do we want to just “chill n hang out” or do we want to do something memorable that is worth reminiscing (not to mention boast value)?
  7. When is the last time we stretched out of our comfort zone?
  8. Why not do something that might inspire someone else to go beyond the ordinary?
  9. Is it possible to combine health, good cause and continued good times together?
  10. Isn’t it time we overcame the fear of the different, new and failure, to focus on the right thing to do? 

Picture courtesy Tim O’Brien.

MOTR_Seperator_thumb[4]MOTR_FB_Cover4[1]Mocha On The Run (MOTR) is our initiative to raise funds for Oxfam India by undertaking the Trailwalker challenge – a 100KM walk in 48 hours. Support us & Oxfam by making a donation here.

Oxfam India’s vision is ‘Right to life with dignity for all’. Oxfam works primarily through grassroots organizations to bring about deep rooted sustainable changes in people’s lives through long-term development programming linked to positive policy changes at various levels.

By supporting a Trailwalker team, you are making a significant difference to the lives of others. The money you raise builds the lives of some of India’s most disadvantaged communities but people you support don’t want to survive on aid and assistance forever. They have the right to lead a dignified independent life.