Lunch With TED

Lunch With TED

Every once in a while, I find myself having lunch by myself – at work or at home. In such situation, a favourite companion has been TED.

This YouTube playlist collates some of these dates with TED that you may find interesting as well:



Deliberate Practice: 2 Finger Clutching

When I started riding a motorbike (my first ever) two years ago, I got into the habit of using four fingers to operate the clutch. It was probably because of the belief that I had to press the lever fully for proper gear changing.. like in a car. Doing so has become a part of my muscle memory now.

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to pick some off roading skills. And I’ve discovered that using 2 or 3 fingers for clutch control is a game changer. Since then I’ve tried to clutch with fewer fingers.. but never succeeded. Until today.

Clutching with 2 fingers offers multiple benefits.

  • optimize energy used & resources (fingers)
  • the freed fingers can be used to maintain control on the handlebar
  • .. & use the horn

But, it wasn’t to be. I was scared of crushing my fingers between the handlebar & the gear lever. I always thought four fingers are a must to declutch properly. I didn’t want to risk trying a new skill… it felt weird. My hand – foot coordination was severely compromised whenever I tried it.

Today’s morning ride was dedicated to the deliberate practice of two fingered clutch. It was a conscious & focused practice of this method. It was dedicated to getting over the feeling of uncomfort.. or getting used to the feeling till it became normal. It was an attempt to force the muscles to not depend on its memory.

Upshifting was relatively easy, downshifting not so. The hand – leg coordination just wasn’t working. It took a lot of conscious effort. Discomfort zone.

But, a start was made. And I’m definitely on my way to developing the two finger clutching skill.

Disclaimer: I’m a biking & off roading noob. Sharing my experiences, is an attempt to solidify my learning.

Get More Out Of Your Passwords (& iPad)


This was a neat idea I came across recently. Not only did I put it to use immediately, but I also wanted to share it. Enter the Canva iPad app. The above graphic was put together lying in bed, in a matter of minutes & using the iPad app only. Gone are the days of tablets being accused of being consumption devices only.

When Good Isn’t Good Enough

On her blog Create As Folk, Laura Simms makes the case for why you should leave your good job.
Most people are so firm in their belief that how things are is how they have to be, that they won’t work towards change. Why would they? They don’t think it’s possible. And that’s why most people will spend their work lives clocking in to build someone else’s dream.”

It was an interesting introspective exercise to apply this philosophy to a few areas beyond the good job scenario.
  • In this information age, is it good enough to get to know of Kailash Satyarthi only after the Nobel Foundation has found him?
  • Are you giving back enough to the society?
  • Is running an ill-prepared half marathon bold enough a health goal?
  • Is it good enough to just ideate & dream about following your passion?
  • It’s good that you got that long pending personal project off the ground. Is it good enough to just get started?
  • Is good stopping you from realizing & reaching your potential?

Picture courtesy Nicholas A. Tonelli.