When Good Isn’t Good Enough

On her blog Create As Folk, Laura Simms makes the case for why you should leave your good job.
Most people are so firm in their belief that how things are is how they have to be, that they won’t work towards change. Why would they? They don’t think it’s possible. And that’s why most people will spend their work lives clocking in to build someone else’s dream.”

It was an interesting introspective exercise to apply this philosophy to a few areas beyond the good job scenario.
  • In this information age, is it good enough to get to know of Kailash Satyarthi only after the Nobel Foundation has found him?
  • Are you giving back enough to the society?
  • Is running an ill-prepared half marathon bold enough a health goal?
  • Is it good enough to just ideate & dream about following your passion?
  • It’s good that you got that long pending personal project off the ground. Is it good enough to just get started?
  • Is good stopping you from realizing & reaching your potential?

Picture courtesy Nicholas A. Tonelli.