Embrace Boundaries

Embrace Boundaries

If you are interested in design & like playing designer to create original content, Canva is a site you should check out. The technology on the site democratizes design & paves the way for anyone to let their creative juices flowing. The site makes it easy for wannabe designers by making available many inspiring examples, it provides you the infrastructure & tools to get going easily, and it also has professionally designed elements that you could buy as building blocks for creating your own content. Fittingly, my first attempt at the site was with Seth Godin’s wisdom.

My Take: The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs


Though I haven’t read the book itself, I have come across a fair share of references to the book & also interviews of the author Carmine Gallo. Listed below are a few of my notes from the book & its message:

  1. Do What You Love
    • Do what you love. For anyone who has not found their passion yet, Jobs recommends they keep looking till they find it rather than getting into something one don’t care about.
  2. Put A Dent In The Universe
    • Have a vision that is much bigger & more impactful than your product / service.
  3. Kick Start Your Brain
    • The most important skill that separates innovative people from others, is their ability to connect seemingly unrelated issues or concepts from diverse experiences. Opt for varied life experiences.
  4. Sell Dreams, Not Products
    • Advertising should show how the product can make life better, rather than flashy visuals and texts. The iPad + Velcro video popped to mind.
  5. Say NO To 1,000 Things
    • Eliminate clutter & keep it simple. Apple is as proud of all the things they don’t do, as they are about the things they do.
  6. Create Insanely Great Experiences
  7. Master The Message
    • Explain your product / services in three precise points to make the message easy to remember. Consistency of messaging is as important as the message itself.

~ Technometria with Phil Windley (podcast)
~ Fast Company (article)

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Ric Elias – Lessons From A Plane Crash

Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. Through this TED talk, he shares what went through his mind as the doomed plane went down & the invaluable lessons he learnt from the experience.

Lesson #1: It all changes in an instant. I no longer want to postpone anything in my life.

Lesson #2: Decided to eliminate negative energy from my life. I no longer try to be right, I choose to be happy.

Lesson #3: I was given another gift, to be able to see into the future and come back & live life differently. How would you change to be the man you want to be? What would you change today to live the life you want to live? What would you get done today that you are waiting to get done because you believe you will be here forever?

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