Back to my fitness regime

One of my new year resolutions for the year was to get fit – after all being healthy was an important dimension of my personal mission statement (better than the ‘run a 10k within 6 months‘ resolution I had last year!). New pair of shoes, a new pair of ear phones for my iPod, etc. – none of these were good enough to help me get over the sleepless nights our just born daughter was giving me.

The daughter is now 9 months old & sleeps through the night. And I am back on the road with my early morning walks. Am starting off with 2 rounds of 10 push-ups each to warm up & then 30 mins of brisk walking. Have to say that am already feeling good about the restart. You read so many times that a fitness routine could be addictive – but nothing to beat the actual experince of the addiction. Will keep you updated.

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