My Instagram #Top10Of2017

This was my first full year on Instagram. And during the course of the year, Instagram has become the social app I spend most time on. Being a visual person, this is not surprising. What did surprise me is the fact that conversations on this platform are a lot more genuine than on others. Even though there were few of my friends here.

I also love the analytics on tap in the Instagram app. Using it, it was a cinch to identify my top 10 posts of 2017.

Happiness Is Not Skin-Deep

Happiness is associated with Bhutan quite widely today, thanks to their king of past – Jigme Singye Wangchuck. He is credited with shaping up the concept of gross national happiness. Now, everyone going to Bhutan expects to find a nation full of happy faces, jolly people serving happiness to visitors & no struggles. But I found something else.


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Remembering Those Mornings On The Road

Remembering Those Mornings On The Road
Remembering Those Mornings On The Road

This one is from the Winter Ride of 2016.

We started back from Valparai to Bangalore on the last day of our three day ride. Early morning mist, coolness in the air & wonderful scenery all around. You click away trying to capture how you feel in pictures. The feeling though is never matched by pictures.

If memory serves me right, we took about 4 hours to cover the first 60kms of the day (we had to do 600 on the day). It was the best part of the Winter Ride of 2016.

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