Click It or Soak In

When you are witnessing such a sight, why view through the camera? Why not be fully present for the moment?

Click It or Soak In?

This was my insta-muse yesterday. Many responded with a “Soak & Click” answer. But my friends overwhelmingly favored soaking in the sight. I love my insta-circle of friends!


I personally almost always favour the Soak & Click routine.

Let me share my reasons of why I click too.

  1. Convert A Moment To A Memory: There are multiple ways in which a moment becomes a memory. Being mindful of the moment is one way. To take the time to think what you want to capture, frame a picture, imagine how the output will be & clicking it – is a form of mindfulness.
  2. Appreciate The Subtleties: Many a times, the feeling we experience while witnessing an extraordinary sight overwhelms us. We could always embrace the feeling & soak it in completely. It is beautiful. I also like to appreciate the subtleties  that make the sight special – the colours, textures, shapes, etc. Clicking pictures then becomes an art to capture these subtleties & accentuating their impact on the scene.
  3. Isolate The Beauty: Pretty sights today are inundated with people & other distractions (e.g.. the Colosseum is almost always wearing scaffolding for renovation). In the pictures I capture, I try to isolate the beauty from the distractions that might be surrounding it. What wants to remember them!
  4. Share The Awesomeness: The joy of any special sight is so much more when shared with someone. When experiencing it alone, I feel compelled to capture the moment to share with family & friends.