Competitive. Yet Sportive.

120.4  Pattinson to Pujara, OUT, superb catch by Doherty. Good to see a fielding side awake after such punishment. This is a good bouncer, aimed at the head. Pujara hooks, but the ball gets big on him and he can’t keep it down despite trying to roll his wrists on it. It is dying on long leg, but Doherty dives in front and takes the catch. In two Tests, Pattinson has dismissed double-centurions with bouncers. Pujara gets a standing ovation on the way back

CA Pujara c Doherty b Pattinson 204 (341b 30×4 1×6) SR: 59.82

Pattinson comes over and shakes Pujara’s hand as the batsman walks off.


These are the acts that Good Guys are made of.