Customer Experience – what lies ahead?

In his article The Future of CE: Post Purchase Experience Creation, Mark Binns brings out an important point –

The future of CE should be in experience creation. As an industry, we will continue to manage customer service and existing experiences, but never get them perfect. I expect the law of diminishing returns will eventually set in on managing existing experiences. So, creation of new experiences will be the true CE differentiator of the future. When something positive and unexpected happens to a customer, it creates instant word of mouth value. People talk about new experiences – they rarely talk about expected experiences unless they were bad ones.

He also goes on explain his theory on opportunities for experience management & creation through the life cycle of the customer interaction. 
On similar lines is this posting by Eric Fraterman. 
True loyalty happens when there is an emotional engagement with the organization or product. This engagement comes from experiencing the brand or organization in a unique way that creates true value for the customer.
How does this apply to an IT product company (esp an enterprise applications vendor) & its customer life cycle?