Drivers on Indian roads are so undisciplined because ..

1. We Are Still Learning


The vehicular density on Indian roads has shot through the sky only in the last 20 years. The society as a whole is still groping & learning the tricks of the traffic – what works, what doesn’t, how it works, why it should work in a particular way, what’s good for the long term, etc. Give it some time & we will be up there with the rest of the best wrt traffic as well. 

  2. Its A Jungle Out There

Traffic Jam ( We are a country where basic Maslowian needs are not met for a majority. The scarcity mentality that we deploy in most facets of our life, flows on to the roads as well. It is the survival of the fittest & each one for herself. Thoughts of a long term greater good is not something that most Indian driver can afford. 

3. Values Gone Wild

goneWrong Equality, fairness & discipline – all very important & we value them a lot. But, valuing is one thing and practicing yet another. Count us out of the practicing part – we have far too many other things to worry about.

Equality, Fairness & Discipline easily give way to the more practical Jugaad, Me First & Might Is Right.  

4. The System Sucks

System Failure Even if individuals do the right thing, the overall system just sucks. The infrastructure is bad. Rules are not implemented. Cops are corrupt. The government doesn’t do enough. Fellow roadies have horrendous attitudes / practices. Why should I fight against the odds? It’s beyond one’s control & much easier to flow with the tide.

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