Example of a customer champion

A perfect example of the saying – anyone can make a difference!

The story of an individual who went out of his way to create memorable customer experinces. A walking talking marketing machine for United Airlines. Imagine the effect if even 5% of United’s personnel adopt such an attitude – god save the competition.

Lessons from this story –

  • What Capt. Flanagan is doing is not a result of any corporate customer centricity initiative. This is in fact a result of his own initiative. Similary, anyone – just about anyone anywhere in the hierarchy / value chain can make a difference. Recruit individuals with the right mental make up …that has the potential to generate such initiatives.
  • Capt. Flanagan did things that were valued by the customers …examples like what he does for unaccompanied childeren, confirming of baggage on connecting flights, etc. Value is customer defined.
  • Its good to see United backing up this individual’s modus operandi. Every small initiative / gesture / acts should be glorified by the organization if it has see more of this. Spot such positive actions & glorify them to the hilt.

Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118826634834410559.html?mod=The+Middle+Seat