Photo Feature – Old Geneva Town (Part 3)

This was my fourth business trip to Europe. I finally got a chance see more than the business hotels & offices that I am accustomed to from my previous visits. This series of posts covers my 5 hour walk of Geneva Old Town & its surroundings. I experienced all that I had imagined of Europe – cobbled streets, flower pots in window sills, inspiring architecture, al-fresco cafes, marquee brands, and more.

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Park Art

Coming from a place like India, you take a few things for granted – sunshine & warmth are a couple such things. Walking around Geneva in the cold weather, it was an absolute pleasure to see the sun come out from behind the clouds. The mix of modern arty structures (as seen above) amidst historical structures is inspiring.


Cafe Time

Though the place is filled with tourists, the best part in any such places is watching the locals go about their daily lives. Here was a woman who basked in the sun for the longest of times. A newspaper & an order of coffee kept her company & she hardly ever looked up. The wrinkles on her face indicated that she had earned this time.



I can only imagine what a pleasure it would be to sip coffee / tea / wine on this balcony & witness the crowd below on the streets. Having said this, I have to admit to having a spacious west facing balcony overlooking a lake myself. It reminds me of the fact that we so often aspire for things that others have, while forgetting to enjoy things that we already have.

Beauty In The Balconies

These flowers are great at breaking the monotony of concrete structures. For me, they are also the perfect signs of life that reside behind those windows. 

Art In Architecture

Street or architectural photography are two areas that interest me the most. Both involve using subject/s that is taken for granted & presenting it in with a new perspective. The perspective could be a different angle, limiting the view to a part of the whole or just in an unusual light.  

Charming Wheels

For someone who is used to seeing the smallish 100cc bikes & scooters occupy most of the space on roads back home, these bulky bikes are big attention grabbers. 


Light brown, withering & waiting to be swept away. Dark green, growing & full of life. Makes for a good click & thought provoking on the continuity of life beyond individuals.

Iconic City Feature

The Jet d’Eau is seen from many far away parts of the city & is a looker against the blue skies when the sun is out. The multiple colors on this frame – blue skies, white of the water spray, yellow & grey of the buildings & green of the vegetation in the foreground – is what makes it interesting for me.

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