Progress For Team MOTR

From wondering if we will ever raise 50k, to targeting the top of the leaderboard. From tracking progress based on number of exercise days, to having weekly team goals. From (30min walk + 30min chit chat + 30min cafe) routines, to (3.5hr walk + 30min cafe) routine. It has been progress for Team Mocha On The Run (MOTR) over the last week.


Jayanagar. Koramangala. Kanakpura Road. HSR Extension. Finding a locale convenient to all these starting points for our long walks was the first puzzle. Lalbagh has been a good answer. It is a 12km / 30min drive at 6am for the furthest of us. But it offers a 4 km walking track (extreme outer path) and includes a good mix of flat stretches, steps, uphill and trail walking. 

The week was not without pain. A couple of us are (painfully) discovering the phenomenon of skin chafing for the first time. An old heel pain problem resurfaced for Navin, which compelled him to sit out the last few KMs on the long walk. Wrong choice of shoes for Vivek also took its toll. 

NOTE: If you have inputs on handling the heel pain problem for runners / walkers, please share the same in the comments section.

We had the first two recruits into our support team as well. Roshan offered himself as the “stepney” in case of unexpected dropouts, along with remote cheering services from Singapore. The Oracle Bangalore cycling star Satya inspired us by joining us for one of the long walks. He gave some valuable endurance training tips and was great company. 

Thanks to the encouragement of friends & the determination of the team, we hit our first 15k walk goal as a team. Satisfying!


What’s our next goal?

  • Building Distance: Doing a 20k together
  • Practicing Recovery: Doing back to back long walk days
  • Gear: Settle down on our choice of walking gear


Maiyas continued to be our unofficial team motivator. The weekend long walk culminated with kesari bath, dosas, vadas and cold badam milk. Maybe it is time we added healthy eating to our team goal!

MOTR_Seperator_thumb[4]MOTR_FB_Cover4[1]Mocha On The Run (MOTR) is our initiative to raise funds for Oxfam India by undertaking the Trailwalker challenge – a 100KM walk in 48 hours. You can support us & Oxfam by making a donation here.

Oxfam India’s vision is ‘Right to life with dignity for all’. Oxfam works primarily through grassroots organizations to bring about deep rooted sustainable changes in people’s lives through long-term development programming linked to positive policy changes at various levels.

By supporting a Trailwalker team, you are making a significant difference to the lives of others. The money you raise builds the lives of some of India’s most disadvantaged communities but people you support don’t want to survive on aid and assistance forever. They have the right to lead a dignified independent life.