Reinforce The Positives

(Photo courtesy Express Photorail)

India is gaining in reputation for being the services & hospitality capital of the world. But, instances of bad experiences introduces doubt if the country & its professionals have what it takes to deliver on this promise. I came across a Vir Sanghvi article today that deals with the issue of service attitude (or the lack of it) amongst professionals in this industry. Causes vary between employee’s lack of long term commitment to a job, multitude of employment options, corporations taking customers for granted, etc. – all matters beyond any one individual’s control. Overwhelming for anyone wanting to better the situation!

Can such systemic issues have simple individual remedies?

While raving & ranting about the bad experience has its place, positive reinforcement is a simple yet surprisingly rarely used remedy. 

  • An extra tip to the restaurant staff who made your kid comfortable with additional cushions & toys. 
  • Write an appreciation note for the employee who went out of his way to ensure your favourite dish was customized to your liking. 
  • Share feedback about what you like at least as often as the dislikes.
  • Respond when the hotel staff greet you.

While we detest the dropping of service standards, we often take proper service delivery for granted. Positive reinforcement is our responsibility in ensuring it is repeated. It is representative of a more patient, positive & encouraging approach (much like parenting) to actively develop an immature but growing industry. 

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