Time For Personal Bests

Shoot for the moon ...

We are just a month away from the Oxfam Trailwalker event. Many a weekend has gone into preparations, away from family time & chores. And many a personal record created – longest walk, most calories burnt, etc. And, that is not all.


As you see from the updated image above, professional commitment has consumed one of the Team MOTR members. Satya has stepped away from a supporting role, to a primary team member role. While Navin will hop, skip & jump across continents on work.

When I ran my first half marathon (HM), I was thrilled about my new personal record for longest distance covered. Coming after many months of running & training, I had no expectations of bettering this in a hurry.


Now here is the thing about lofty goals – they expand your limits & surprise you by revealing how much more you are capable of!

Within two months, I’ve not only come close to the HM distance 4 times, but also set a new personal best for myself – 27kms. This being walking (& not running) does little to dampen my sense of achievement.

Shub Ram Vivek

What is even more satisfying is that I’ve not be alone in this journey. All of us in Team MOTR have new personal bests now. And for those of you who don’t personally know the team – for at least one of us, this journey can be compared to Salman Khan giving up the gym to take up long distance running in search of a lean look. Transformative, I’m given to understand, might not be too far fetched.

Picture courtesy Tasos Kostopoulos.

MOTR_Seperator_thumb[4]Mocha On The Run (MOTR) is our initiative to raise funds for Oxfam India by undertaking the Trailwalker challenge – a 100KM walk in 48 hours. You can support us & Oxfam by making a donation here.

Oxfam India’s vision is ‘Right to life with dignity for all. Oxfam works primarily through grassroots organizations to bring about deep rooted sustainable changes in people’s lives through long-term development programming linked to positive policy changes at various levels.

By supporting a Trailwalker team, you are making a significant difference to the lives of others. The money you raise builds the lives of some of India’s most disadvantaged communities but people you support don’t want to survive on aid and assistance forever. They have the right to lead a dignified independent life.