Tip to address information overload

Information. Information. Information.

Like everyone else, I am daunted by this overload every day.
How does one cope with it?
By believing in the adage –
The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

Ask yourself this question every time you start reading something new – how will I be able to use this information over the next few days? If you don’t have an answer, you are better off letting go of this information (in most of the cases).

The topic of Customer Centricity has been an area of interest for me in the recent past. They is enough & more information available on the topic. So the last few months I have just been collecting articles, white papers, blog feeds, etc. And I am realising that unless I put the information to use within the first few days of getting the info, it is of little use to me w/o having to go through the information again.

Going forward, every time I start reading something, I will ask myself the question
How will I put this information to use in the next few days?