Top Ideas From 2011’s Best Employers


Going through Fortune’s 25 Best Global Companies to Work For feature, some practices of these organization caught my attention. Below is a collation of some of these that might be useful for anyone.

  • Catch Them Doing The Right Stuff   Top executives spend 3 hours each week making personal calls to thank employees for specific positive behaviour. 
  • Horizontal Growth If your employee has doubts about having made a wrong career choice, let them try out jobs in different areas of the company through formal job rotation.
  • Work – Life Balance To help maintain work – life balance, make a rule that senior executives cannot call meetings before 9:30 in the morning and cannot hold a meeting after 5:00 in the afternoon. 
  • Transparency  Hold Know Your Compensation (KYC) sessions, where employees learn where their compensation is compared to their colleagues & also the salary ranges in their organization.
  • Diversity  Maintain a healthy male to female ratio at the executive/senior management level with as much as 50% the positions filled by women.
  • Positive Networking  Allow promoted employees to name colleagues who helped them along the way; those colleagues are reached out to with personal thank-you emails from company leaders. 
  • Societal Contribution  Allow employees to contribute to a social cause of their liking at the company’s cost to address both the individual & organizations’ social responsibilities.
  • Networked Organization  Senior leaders spend a large amount of time with employees via skip level meetings, birthday get-together, personal thank-you sessions, coffee with high performers, etc.

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