Amazon executives on same page wrt Customer Centricity

While talking about corporate creativity, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels mentions about Amazon wanting to be the world’s most customer centric company. The same theme can be read & heard in quite a few of Bezos’ interviews as well.

Note that the Amazon executive team seems to be on the same page wrt their overarching goal. Once this is clear, as Vogels mentions, all other decisions become more abvious & actions that much easier.

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1 thought on “Amazon executives on same page wrt Customer Centricity

  1. What a joke. My wife's Kindle quit working one month beyond the warranty. Instead of having some flexibility and replacing the product, Amazon said that it would send her a new one for $180.00. When asked if the $180.00 could be applied to the purchase of a Kindle 2, the answer was that, "No, upgrades are not allowed." While complaining to people on several levels of the Amazon "customer service" ladder, I was told the same thing. No Kindle; no credit toward a Kindle 2. I find this lack of concern for customers remarkable, and encourage people to think hard before doing business with a company that will not stand behind its product.

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