Customer Needs As Innovation Source

Starting with a specific customer need leads to an innovative new product for senior citizens in India.

Also another example for a developing nation innovation finding a market in the developed world.

Being Authentic While Competing

Apple products not supporting Flash has been a discussion point for a while now. Steve Jobs has now released a letter explaining why Apple thinks Flash is no longer necessary ~

By publicly discussing the thought process behind certain business decisions, Apple is building “authenticity” into it’s brand values. While the public debate on this topic will continue, Apple has just demonstrated that it is willing to be transparent, engage in a debate & be held accountable by it’s user base for it’s decisions.

Authentic indeed!

Start noticing the good things

The things that one starts noticing!

I noticed this since I was on the lookout for a subject for this post. Found this just next to the entrance to my workplace car park.

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