Choice Of The Fortnight

It was the last day of the vacation. The choice was between doing the usual mall hopping / shopping routine or to stay home doing nothing. We opted for the later.

The “doing nothing” resulted in three beautiful experiences.


I got to laze in the bed for an extended period of time listening to the sounds of home. On the day, the sounds included the crooning of an Asian koel just outside the window. Music to the ears, it was as soothing as music can be. I have since discovered that this guy (some basic secondary research confirms it is indeed a guy) is a regular feature in the neighbourhood.

(keep audio ON for this video)

After listening to the koel for a long while, I got down to reading a book – one of the business variety – that has been on my bed side table for a few weeks. In about an hour, I consumed a week’s worth of “just before sleep” reading.

Can any reasonable amount of time at home not involve the kids? Heck NO. It was time for a bed fight. This one was a far cry from the soothing music or the peaceful reading. Left me sweating & the kids full of glee.

The choices we make!

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