Goals & Dreams

This FastCompany excerpt from The Orange Revolution: How One Great Team Can Transform an Entire Organization, explains the difference between goals & dreams (amongst other interesting thoughts). 

A goal is something measurable, trackable, and is built on analytics. Goals have realistic timelines, are measured by weighing the data, the risks, and the current assets. They are essential to success, but they follow dreams.

A dream is bigger–it has no boundaries, rules, or past history. It’s focused on transforming business as we know it, and approaching from a direction never pursued–or at least never attained. In dreams, we seek the outstanding change–not just within the products we create but in the results those products inspire. For Apple, the dream was to change and dominate the music industry. And the product (in this case, the iPod) enabled that dream to become a reality–shaking the world with results. It wasn’t just the contours of the device. It wasn’t just the technology. It wasn’t the simplicity of buttons. Apple’s dream was so vast that it changed how music was heard, sold, purchased, and consumed. The iPod launched the platform of iTunes. And with such a massive public and music industry shift, the PC world shifted to accommodate as well. This was a dream that defined world-class results.