Plan Your Presentation

(Picture courtesy Jason Schlachet)

Planning is a critical starting point in preparing for a presentation. Before starting on your slides the next time, try answering the following 8 points to be better prepared for the presentation (or speech or panel discussion).

  1. My main goal of this presentation is for the audience to ______.
  2. The top 3 things I need the audience to take away from this presentation are ____, ____ & _____.
  3. In the first few minutes (no more than 2), I will capture this audience by _____.
  4. If my gear dies, the main 3 things I will tell them are ____, ____ & ____.
  5. If they start looking bored or confused, I will shift gears by ____.
  6. At the end of this presentation, I want people to ____.
  7. When I’m done the presentation, I will ____.
  8. When following up with people after this presentation, I will offer them _____.

Read the full article by Chris Brogan here.

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