It’s Knowing When to Think Little and When to Think Big

Big guys think like big guys when they do things — even when they try to out think the little guys. For the big guy to understand the little guy’s position is a good idea in any business. But it’s a discipline and it takes remembering. Big guys often forget that little guys can do things that big guys can’t.

For the little guy to understand the big guy’s position is self-preservation. The big guy owns the market and makes the rules. The little guy has to watch, learn from, and live with the big guys decisions. What the little guy has to do is find the advantages of being little.

To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage.
– W. Clement Stone

How can you turn a usual “disadvantage” to an unexpected and winning advantage? Look at one thing you see as a barrier. How can you change the game so that it works for you?

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