Photo Feature – Linger At Balur Estate

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_onthewayShubhadeep B_LingerBalur_windmills
Amongst one of best drives going out of Bangalore is the NH48 going to Mangalore via Hassan.  The fields, windmills & streams offer ample opportunities for the adventurous to take breaks exploring the Malnad.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_balurestateboard
Balur Estate is about 300kms from Bangalore in Mudigere. It is a 400 acre plantation (or 1200 acre depending on the source of information) growing Arabica coffee & pepper amidst thousands of silver oaks.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_Linger at balur estateShubhadeep B_LingerBalur_balurestatefrontview
Nestled within this huge estate is this colonial style bungalow – which is not only the centre piece of the estate, but also the warm host to Linger at Balur Estate guests.

 Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_coffeenursery
A walk around the estate would cover a nursery – that is used nurture coffee, silver oak & pepper saplings. And a bunch of dilapidated knick knacks lying around – like the press below.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_press 

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_bell
This aged rim is used as a bell announce the various shift timings to the staff working around the estate. Apparently, during harvest time, there are as many as 2000 people working at the estate.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_corridor
The interiors of the bungalow is neat, clean & simple …yet elegant. The polished wooden furniture & the white – red colours of the structure make for a wonderful combination.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_corridor
The long corridor is ideal for doing just nothing – just what the Linger tagline recommends.

 Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_readingspot
The library that Sameer & Co. dutifully mention about in all their communications offers the reader in you an opportunity to indulge. A warm cuppa coffee, the drizzle outside & the view of the mountains are idyllic.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_clock Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_artifacts Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_artifact 
The bungalow is tastefully peppered with interesting house hold utilities of an era passing by.

    Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_diningroom

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_food

Balur Estate houses a couple of dining rooms. One with a spectacular view (as above) & other a cozy hall used for dinners. A high point of Linger at Balur Estate was the hospitality of its hosts who make you feel at home away from home. The local delicacies that they dish out are just YUM – akki rotti, neer dosa, kadabu, kai obattu, etc. – try them all.

 Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_livingarea
The charming living area with a rocking chair, a hat stand, warm lighting & the small library.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_windows 

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_windows

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_swimmingpooolwithaview
The property has an ancient swimming pool with a view of the mountains.

 Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_around

    Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_view
The view from the bungalow.

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_view
Balur Estate & its surrounds offers some fantastic views & walking opportunities. You can opt for either a plantation walk (mild | 60 mins) or a mountain trek (medium | 4 hrs). If you are there during the rains, be prepared for a leech fest ..& some exotic insects.

 Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_sunset

Shubhadeep B_LingerBalur_picnic 
If possible, plan for a break by one of the fields / streams on the way back to Bangalore. The Linger – Balur Estate hosts were generous to pack us a fantastic lunch that we feasted on under a jackfruit tree in the middle of ginger farm. 

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  1. Karpov – absolutely safe! I would happily go with my family. When we were there (about a year ago), there was another group of 3 with 2 ladies as well. Also, the feedback book indicated the place most frequented by families. The "housekeeping" team is led by a very pleasant lady.

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